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Cancer Love Horoscope for August 2015

Deeply meaningful

As Saturn continues to move through your 5th House of True Love for a few more weeks, you're bound to feel the weight around your heartstrings. You may or may not be in a lonely place romantically right now. In fact, for some, a deeply meaningful romance is happening that you just know has long standing potential. In your case, the next month will be more about getting over your fear of really jumping into this love affair than anything else.

If you're single however, or in a stale relationship that leaves you feeling undesired, unappreciated or even completely unloved -- then this month might be more of a wakeup call. On August 5, Venus, the planet of love, will square off with Saturn, forcing you to get real about where you are in terms of your love life. Venus is currently traveling retrograde in the area of your chart connected to self-worth. As a result, if you're in a situation where you feel brought down by your sweetheart rather than lifted up, this might be a time of reckoning where you need to decide the future of this relationship once and for all. If you are feeling used -- or even if you and your lover have grown apart -- this will be a month you clearly decide if it's over. On August 21, the Sun and Saturn will square off, amplifying these themes once more.

Don't be surprised if you're prompted to make a move on August 6 when Mars (in your sign) is at a gorgeous angle to Saturn. This might be the day where you find the courage to give your lover an ultimatum. The bottom line is that you want -- and deserve -- to feel valued by your lover. So, what are you going to do about it?