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Leo Horoscope: August 2015

Significant developments

You can anticipate significant developments this month, in both your personal world as well as your earning potential. The pivotal theme with Venus Retrograde in Leo, is truly about you taking a step back in order to reassess your self-worth. You may not realize it just yet but you are at a crossroads of sorts -- a turning point where the universe wants you to see just how amazing you truly are as well as how much you have to offer the world.

Fortunately after August 8, you'll receive a boost of confidence to at least confront whatever it is about yourself that has led to feelings of being "less-than" in some way. If you're unable to see how special you truly are, then Mars moving into your sign on August 8, can help you realize that you are. In fact, it's in charge of shifting whatever incorrect script you've been playing in your head. A New Moon in Leo on August 14 will give you even more of a push to turn the page and start a brand new chapter in your life. Self-improvement may continue to be a theme until after September 6 but at this point, you will certainly begin to look at yourself in the mirror and see a reflection that is more accurate. A reflection that is truly beautiful, inside and out. After September 6 and until September 24, you'll be in an enviable position to launch anything new and to know it will succeed.

Another key event in August takes place on August 11, when Jupiter moves into your 2nd House of Talents and Earned Income for the first time in twelve years! Jupiter will remain in this part of your chart until September 2016 and during this time you can expect a major boost in confidence to develop your talents, market them and increase your cash flow as a result. Yes!