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Leo Love Horoscope for August 2015

Lessons in love

You're the star of the show this month when it comes to lessons in love. Mostly, self-love. That's because Venus will continue to travel retrograde in Leo (until September 6). What does this mean, exactly? Well, when the planet of love back tracks in your sign you might initially start to question everything about your beauty, style, worth and lovability. If you haven't been feeling as attractive as you used to, this might be a phase where you decide to make a change in order to enhance your physical appearance.

If you decide to do this however, don't forget to do the inner work first. For example, if you have always wanted to get a certain cosmic procedure done to feel better about yourself that's fine -- just as long as you are not motivated to do this to get a certain someone to notice you. Buying love or using superficial means in an attempt to find romance will surely backfire now. If, however, you want to get into better shape to feel better about yourself -- and you're truly doing it for you -- this will be a great time to join a gym or hire a personal trainer. You will literally have the ability to transform yourself this month! This will translate into a more confident you and that is the secret potion behind allure. A New Moon in your sign on August 14 holds exceptional promise as well. Brand new starts in your personal life and relationship world are indicated. Work it!