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Libra Horoscope: August 2015

Careful re-evaluation

You're pruning your friends list this month. Whether it's your circle of physical friends, or your virtual friends on Facebook, the point is that you're carefully re-evaluating whether or not the company you keep lifts you up or drags you down. The good news is that this month something will click inside your head to remind you that you deserve to associate only with people who make you smile. Relationships where two people bring out the best in each other is what you know you want, so it's pointless for you to continue pursuing an alliance with anyone who doesn't fit that bill.

Another theme this month may have to do with your love life. You might have a back and forth situation with one of your friends who you share chemistry with. Whether or not the two of you have taken this to a new level, you may question whether or not it's a good idea to pursue your attraction for this person. Avoid making a final decision until next month. For now, think carefully about what this person brings into your life. If you truly believe that you have long-term romantic potential together.

In other news, after August 11, you might feel a stronger urge to go within. Until next September, spending time alone to reflect, work on your spiritual growth, or pursue an imaginative pursuit in solitude, will bring you more joy than you could possibly realize. You may also discover that you have more than one "guardian angel" working on your behalf. Miracles are possible for you now, more than ever before.