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Pisces Horoscope: August 2015

Make a change

Your health and overall sense of well-being might need some attention this month. If you have been neglecting yourself in any capacity -- mind, body or soul -- then now is the time that you'll have to make a change. The Universe is bringing into focus whatever it is that requires fixing so that you will be in a place to truly enjoy what life has to offer. So if you go into August feeling lackluster, you know it's time to pay attention!

In terms of work, it's possible that you and a colleague are on the outs. Perhaps you have not been able to collaborate as easily as you anticipated on a project. Or, it's also possible that if you're a business owner, you are struggling with whether or not someone on your staff is truly earning his or her keep. You're such a kind soul that you might have been keeping this employee on simply because you didn't have the heart to fire him or her. Now, you'll need to take an honest look at your bottom line. Can you afford to keep carrying dead weight? More importantly ... should you? A last chance conversation with this employee might be in order.

The best news of the month happens on August 11, when Jupiter enters your relationship sector for the first time in twelve years! Until September 2016, you'll have an opportunity to grow in extraordinary ways thanks to your alliances. Both your business and personal life should flourish under this influence. In fact, if you're dating someone special it's possible that over the next year the two of you will become engaged or even get married. Additionally, a Full Moon in your sign on August 29, will leave you more emotionally open than ever. Wonderful!