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Scorpio Horoscope: August 2015

Feel fulfilled

Career revisions are on the agenda, picking up from late last month. With Venus continuing to travel retrograde in your 10th House of Profession and Honors, it's clear that the one thing you can't afford to do is ignore what you truly want professionally in order to make you feel fulfilled. Are you using your talents to their greatest potential? Are you doing what makes you feel joy? It might seem trite to remind you to do what you love but if there was ever a time to make that your mantra; it's now. If you're not doing what you absolutely love career wise, it might be wise to take a step back and figure out what needs to change to get you on a brighter career track. Luckily, opportunities will be everywhere this month to help you get there. Pay special attention to developments after the New Moon on August 14. And if you're looking for a work opportunity, one might literally fall in your lap on August 19.

Interestingly enough, after August 11, your social contacts might become your ticket to success. Jupiter, the planet of gifts and expansion, will enter your social networking sector for the first time in twelve years. Until September 2016 you will literally have more "friends with benefits" than you know what to do with! Make an extra effort to mingle and network at parties and other events because the next person you shake hands with might be the person who helps to make your dreams come true this year. You'll also find a greater sense of pleasure in spending time with your friends and any clubs or groups you're a member of. Even if you're not the "joiner" type, this is a time to consider attending a meeting at an organization you've always been curious about. It might lead to something amazing!