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Taurus Love Horoscope for August 2015

Process of focusing

With your ruling planet, Venus, asleep at the wheel this month you might think that your love life has officially gone into a coma. In some ways, this is true. With Venus continuing to travel retrograde through your home and family sector until September 6, it's clear that you're in a process of focusing on ways to restore harmony and joy to your domestic life. Mars will give you a welcomed boost after August 8, when he joins this area of your chart for the first time in two years. You might finally have the courage now to make whatever changes are necessary to ensure your family life is going the way you want it to.

What might also be happening, is that you're focusing on a specific situation that involves your love life along with your family. Perhaps your family dynamic has been less than supportive of your ability to pursue what you want in matters of the heart. The circumstances can be quite complicated but the nagging end result may be the same. When it comes to family and romance, for some reason you've felt as if there's no way to blend the two in a way that makes you completely fulfilled. The good news is that the universe doesn't want you to compartmentalize your life like this any longer. You're close to figuring things out and you might be able to implement some of the domestic changes that you need right after the New Moon on August 14.

Your love life will be brimming with potential after August 11, thanks to lucky Jupiter moving into your true love sector for the first time in 12 years! If you're single, this next year will offer you the opportunity to open your heart and fall in love more than you've seen in quite some time. And if you're attached? Expect to feel those sparks and butterflies in your stomach all over again. Love is grand and even if you don't quite feel the amazing potential this month you will surely begin to notice the rumblings of major change. Next month will "wow" you!