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Virgo Horoscope: August 2015

Opening up your heart

If there was ever a month to sort out your love life issues, this is it. You may not feel as if you'll make any progress but the universe is committed to help you do exactly that. In fact, you are likely to realize that there's more connected to your past than you realize that needs resolution. If you've been betrayed or heartbroken in a way that kept you from opening up your heart again in a healthy way, this will be a wonderful time to consider talking to a therapist or other qualified professional with an ability to help you free yourself from any isolating situation you've put yourself in.

Another possibility is that you're involved with someone but it's the kind of relationship that might never turn into what you want and up until now, you've been fooling yourself into believing that you can "change" the person you love and have that fairytale romance. The fairytale is possible -- but perhaps the person you're with isn't the one you're meant to have that happy ending with. Whatever the details in your love life, this month will bring a great deal of awareness along with an ability to move forward -- especially after September 6.

In the meantime, the universe is about to make you realize that you truly are embarking on a significant and positive turning point in your life. On August 11, Jupiter, the planet of gifts and blessings, will enter Virgo for the first time in twelve years! Jupiter will remain in your sign until September 2016 and during this time the sky is truly the limit! You will see that just about anything you touch will turn to gold. You'll meet new people with the potential to lift you up in ways you never imagined possible. And your level of optimism will surely help you attract someone deserving of your love should you realize this month that you are, in fact, stuck in a stale relationship.