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Aries Horoscope: August 2017

Taking down your walls

This might very well be a game-changing month for your love life. Near August 7 you'll give up those hang-ups about your worthiness to receive love that are truly blocking you from the most gratifying romantic experience possible. Then, after August 21, you'll have the most magnificent opportunity to meet someone new and fall head over heels in love. You won't even try to stop yourself -- that is how powerful this new relationship will be.

Adding to the drama, however, might be the fact that you suddenly hear from an old flame later in the month. This person might express how much he or she wants the two of you to reconcile. The truth is, you have mentally and emotionally moved on by this time. You'll be grateful to have closure in this relationship, but you aren't likely to want to give it another go. You are ready to move on.

Additionally, you might realize a major personal aspiration this month. You might also be ready to launch a new website or technology-related project such as a webinar, social media campaign, or even your own YouTube channel. In so many ways, Aries, this is a "dream come true" month for you. Enjoy every drop of it!

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