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Leo Horoscope: August 2017

A whole new world

Without a doubt, this will be a game-changing month for you.

On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector will either deepen a relationship that is serving your needs, or will signal a time when you're meant to part ways if you and your mate are growing apart. Understand that what is most important now is not whether you get married or break up -- that depends on what is happening in your personal life and chart. The true important message behind a Lunar Eclipse is that you now have full emotional awareness regarding what is meant to happen in a relationship. Moreover, under the rays of an Eclipse, whatever change happens is likely to be permanent.

On August 12, Mercury will turn retrograde in your earned income sector. This will be an ideal time to consider a realistic assessment of your income against your expenses. Another possibility is that you will decide to develop a money-making idea that you had in the past but never moved forward with. Or, you might go back to a way you used to earn cash in the past.

The big news for the month happens on August 21. If you are a late degree Leo born after August 15, this Solar Eclipse will truly shift your world -- but all Leos will feel the rays of its power. Now is the time to implement a fresh start and pursue new goals. The universe wants you to succeed.

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