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Libra Horoscope: August 2017

Mixed emotions

You might have an extremely proud parent moment at some point this month. On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse may signal a significant milestone for one of your children. You'll beam with joy, but at the same time, this event might tug on your heartstrings slightly. That's because whatever this is, it'll remind you that this isn't just your child -- it's also a soul with his or her independent journey. Your child is a child of the world.

Another possibility is that this month will bring a change in your love life. You may realize that you've fallen in love with someone you are dating, and if so, you'll want to express your feelings. They're sure to be mutual.

In other news, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12 and remains so until September 5. For most of this retrograde cycle you might feel like keeping your thoughts and ideas to yourself. You'll filter information more carefully, and will take your time to process it before making any firm decisions. That is the wisest course of action you can take.

Last but not least, a breath of fresh air is coming to your social life after August 21. You'll truly be the life of the party -- and you'll have plenty to attend!

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