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Sagittarius Horoscope: August 2017

Keep your composure

One of your siblings might go through an emotionally-charged situation early in the month. If this happens, do what you can to be the calm after their storm -- they will surely appreciate it. Another possibility is that near August 7 you and one of your siblings will have a disagreement that leads to some type of change related to a family decision or contractual matter. If this happens, it might have to do with one of your parents.

Perhaps your mom or dad is sick and requires certain care. If that scenario does occur, you may not agree on how to handle things during this time -- the energy is too unstable. Your only option is to still choose to be the calm one during the family chaos. Understand that Mercury will also turn retrograde from August 12-September 5, and for most of this retrograde, will be at the top of your chart. This will add even more confusion and misunderstanding if the discussions with your sibling are about a parent.

Alternatively, you might begin to have a misunderstanding with your boss. You may want to avoid pitching any ideas or presenting in front of him or her until mid-September if possible.

On August 21, you may decide it's time to go back to school to earn an advanced degree, license, or certification. You may also pursue a new advertising, publishing, or broadcasting opportunity. It'll help you shine creatively.

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