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Scorpio Horoscope: August 2017

Close to home

Your family life might be more emotional this month. Expect a turning point in a domestic situation near August 7. Although it'll be chaotic and changes are certain, try not to panic. Understand that change is necessary and a part of a larger growing experience you and your clan are meant to have. If this involves a move, it may be bittersweet. Someone might be moving out of your home, or it's also possible that you're all getting ready to relocate. Allow yourself ample space to process your emotions since you might be tempted to dissociate from them altogether in order to keep moving forward. That would be a mistake.

Adding to this month's happenings, it's possible that you and a friend will begin to have a series of misunderstandings after August 12. Do your best to clarify yourself if you get the sense that this is happening. Also, it's possible that a friend you had back in high school or college will want to reconnect. That would be a positive experience for both of you.

The very best news for you happens on the August 21 Solar Eclipse. Your professional status is changing in some capacity, and it looks like opportunity is coming your way. A promotion is possible, but you may also decide to start a new business. Go for it!

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