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August 2018 Love Horoscope

Read your free monthly love horoscope for August 2018

There's a sweet combination of harmonious romantic potential along with genuine fun this month. And then ... there's the monkey wrench. Venus does move into her home sign of Libra on August 6 and remains here through September 9. With Venus here, you'll genuinely want to relate to your partner or, if you are single, find someone to relate with. You care about what your partner wants, needs, thinks, and feels a lot more than usual and that can go a long way toward nurturing a romance. Then, a Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11 adds to the potential for hot summer love if you're single. Someone new might definitely be on the way.

The trouble here is that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde this month. With Mercury retrograde in Leo and close to that eclipse, before you move on to new love it's clear that you have to clean out your mental closet when it comes to not truly being over an old love. Or, an ex might come into the picture and ask for a second chance exactly when you meet someone new. Complications! Plus, with Mars retrograde until August 27 you won't want to begin a new sexual relationship with anyone this month. Ugh, the frustration!

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