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Aquarius Love Horoscope for August 2018

It's almost time

What a strange set of circumstances you'll have this month when it comes to your love life! On the one hand, Mars will remain retrograde through August 27. He's been retrograde in your sign since June 26, leaving you feeling powerless in many ways. You might have felt more tired and less sexy. You might have also noticed that when it comes to love, the harder you push, the less it gets you anywhere. Mars will retrograde out of your sign and into your 12th House of Privacy from August 12-27, when he'll finally turn direct. Unfortunately, this won't help you much. Now, it'll turn into a time where your mojo is not only weakened, but whatever you have left is out of sight. No one sees that spark of yours!

Adding to the frustration of it all is the fact that you DO have amazing romantic prospects upon you, but it's like a major tease from the universe because you aren't able to maximize them just yet. You see, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your partnership sector on August 11, offering you new starts in a current relationship. You'll need to rid yourself of the old mental patterns first, since Mercury is also retrograde in the same part of your chart. If you're single, any confusion you have about dating someone you've recently met in a more exclusive way will diminish after August 19 once Mercury turns direct. You'll want to give this love a chance.

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