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Aries Love Horoscope for August 2018

Love ... exciting and new. Or old.

If you're single there is a definite complication to your love life scenario this month. The good news is that you'll absolutely have some interest from someone. A dazzling Solar Eclipse in your romance sector on August 11 assures this will be so. The knot in all of this potential is the fact that Mercury is also retrograde in the same part of your chart as the eclipse. Adding to this Mars, your ruler, remains retrograde until August 27. There is a very real possibility that one of your exes will come back into the picture and totally confuse you. Just when you thought you were over this person he or she will come rushing back, declaring their love for you and wanting a second chance. You're in a pickle, Aries. Will it be old love "take two" or new love "all brand new?"

Attached Aries have slightly better prospects. Venus will be in your partnership sector from August 6 through September 9, helping you smooth over any rough edges in your relationship. Just be careful around August 9 when Venus is square Saturn. You might not feel the love at this time, but it is there. Pay attention.

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