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Cancer Love Horoscope for August 2018

The fight needs to happen

Cancer, this might be a tricky month for you and your mate. For starters, Venus and Saturn will square off on August 9, leaving you feeling completely frustrated and blocked by your partner when it comes to a domestic situation. You're just not seeing things the same way and it's really unnerving you. Your partner appears to view this situation in an extremely negative, pessimistic light while you're trying your hardest to be the mediator or to find a fair solution to the matter. You won't be able to fix this yet, so you'll need to make peace with that fact.

Adding to the mix is retrograde Mars moving into your partnership sector on August 12. Until he turns direct on August 27 he'll be backpedaling through your 7th House of Relationships. You and your mate are likely to feel as if you've reached a boiling point when it comes to something you know you need to argue about. The problem is that neither one of you can productively move through this conflict, so you're both likely to sit and stew until Mars turns direct. Then, there could be a blow up. Try to fight fair, Cancer. This argument needs to happen, but the purpose is not to disrupt your love life. The goal is to finally clear the air.

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