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Capricorn Love Horoscope for August 2018

Waiting to get your groove back

Oh, Capricorn. You might be ready to hide under a rock this month and just call it a wash. Or a waste. Or a complete nonevent. But try ... please try ... to see the gift in having Mars retrograde through your sign from August 12-27. There is a gift if you're willing to work with the cosmic energies. See, when Mars is in your sign he's happy. Very happy. It's a position that astrologers call "exaltation," which basically means that Mars is typically a complete bad ass when he's moving through Capricorn. He's usually free to use his energy toward successful business ventures or to pursue whatever goal is most important to you during the time Mars is in your sign. But when he's retrograde, it can feel like the complete opposite. Instead of exaltation it can feel like frustration. Oh, and you're not only feeling powerless, but you're also feeling more tired and not "in the mood" the way you usually are.

But again, let's get back to the gift, because yes, there is a gift. You see, during this tiny stretch of time, instead of bemoaning over the fact that you've lost your groove, try to understand that it's an opportunity to make sure you're directing your energy in the way you really should be. That includes your love life. Are you working hard to make a success out of a relationship that's really going nowhere? If so, it's a month of redirection. After August 27 you'll start to feel completely renewed not only with a sense of purpose in life, but also in matters of love.

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