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Gemini Love Horoscope for August 2018

The real deal

Attached Geminis might be busy this month collaborating with their partner on a joint career goal. Or, the two of you might find yourselves busy looking for someone to help you out around the house. Maybe you need a nanny, housekeeper, or perhaps you're looking to hire a contractor to get some work done at home. This might not sound like the most romantic situation, but the point is that the two of you will be happily working together all month long. There doesn't seem to be any issues unless you have children. If you do, then you might have to deal with a frustration near August 9 when your kids are somehow getting in the way of your sex life or they're just costing you guys a lot of money. Either way, it will pass quickly.

Now if you're a single Gemini, there is glorious news as well. Venus, the planet of love, will enter your romance sector for the first time in about a year on August 6. Venus remains here through September 9, stimulating the potential for you to meet someone new and actually see something genuine and worth exploring in this connection. You might truly doubt this, however, right around the time Venus squares Saturn on August 9. Don't stop believing!

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