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Scorpio Love Horoscope for August 2018

Your partner has a secret

As August opens up you're definitely still feeling powerless. Mars, your co-ruler, will remain retrograde through August 27. This means that no matter how hard you try to push with anything in your love life, you just won't be in your power. On the other hand, Venus, the ruler of your partnership sector, moves into her home sign Libra on August 6. Your partner seems to be in a good place. Oh, and one more thing: he or she has a secret. Venus is touring your 12th House of Privacy and Secrets until September 9, suggesting that there is something about your partner or your relationship that you're in the dark about.

Before you freak out and jump to conclusions, don't make assumptions. This doesn't have to be anything super negative such as an affair or other sordid scenario. In fact, your partner might be trying to surprise you with something and, as a result, is remaining quieter about things than usual. You might find that your suspicions are completely paranoid by the end of the month, so again, don't jump the gun.

If you're dating someone new, then a Full Moon in your romance sector on August 26 will bring feelings into awareness for both of you. Declarations of love are very possible.

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