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Taurus Love Horoscope for August 2018

Office romance or not a chance?

Attached Taureans will feel the glow of deep, intense love this month. Jupiter is moving full speed ahead in your partnership sector and will be at a gorgeous trine to inspirational Neptune on August 19. This is your dream relationship and you know it. Isn't it wonderful to have found your happily ever after?

If you're single there's no shortage of action either. Venus, your ruler, moves into your work sector on August 6 and remain here through September 9. Yes, this is classic energy for you to discover that someone you work with or someone who works for you has a crush. Since we're talking Libra energy though, it appears to be more than just that. This person actually wants to try to have a relationship with you, and the feeling will likely be mutual. The problem, however, is that on August 9 Venus will square Saturn, now in your 9th House of Morals and Beliefs. You might struggle with the whole idea of dating someone you work with. It might block you altogether. Or, you might be at odds with the fact that this person is much older or younger than you. If you can manage to overcome the obstacles you've put in front of yourself then there is a chance that this could be something wonderful.

The Sun moves into your romance sector on August 23 and immediately trines Uranus in your sign, and Saturn on the 25. Get out of your own way and give this person a chance. Not only will this person wake you up, he or she will also provide you with the stability you crave in love.

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