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Chinese Horoscopes for 2012

The Chinese New Year begins on January 23, 2012, and kicks off the Year of the Water Dragon. Dragon years always encourage growth and change. Now is not the time to think conservatively -- it's time to explore new frontiers in love, career and life. Because Water years emphasize polite negotiation, these adventures should be undertaken in a diplomatic, civil way. You'll definitely catch more flies with honey than vinegar during the Year of the Water Dragon.

This Chinese New Year will grant great rewards to innovative leaders. If you sense that an organization or relationship has grown stale, promote positive changes. Don't let naysayers shoot you down. Remain upbeat and optimistic with your suggestions, and inject humor into your proposals. Calculated risks are heavily favored throughout this energetic year.

Be sensitive to others this year. The more kindness and consideration you extend during a Water Dragon year, the more rewards you will reap. When you think in terms of what's best for the group or most beneficial for a relationship, you'll benefit greatly from all the prosperity this Chinese New Year has to offer. Anyone considering getting married or starting a business is in luck; the Year of the Water Dragon favors new endeavors of all kinds.

Love in the Year of the Water Dragon

Romances started during Dragon years are sudden, passionate and dramatic. The two of you will have lots of fun painting the town red together. If you're already in a relationship, try not to spend too many quiet evenings at home, or your affair could grow stale. Dragons demand excitement and variety!

Just because Dragons are rather wild doesn't mean they are incapable of loyalty. Actually, these creatures yearn for a committed relationship, which makes a Dragon year an ideal time for finding your soul mate. If you're already in a relationship, work on creating a greater level of intimacy with your partner. Be more forthcoming about your feelings, and treat your lover with an extra measure of care and tenderness.

During a Dragon year, you have to work hard to make your partner feel worshipped, appreciated and loved. Don't take your beloved for granted. Honor him or her with gifts, compliments and kind gestures. If you're single, the best place to meet someone special is at a hotspot where the bright and beautiful congregate. During a Dragon year, romance is best cultivated in fashionable surroundings.

Money in the Year of the Water Dragon

New ventures are favored during Dragon years, so if you've been thinking of starting a business, do it during this favorable year. If you already have your own business, it's time to branch out into new territory. Expand your product line, broaden your customer base and create new services. Add a little flair to your signage ... the Dragon is a flamboyant creature! Integrate eye-catching colors, a dramatic font and a compelling logo into your sign, business cards and promotional materials.

Although there is lots of money to be made this year, you need to save as much of it as possible. If you're tempted to buy luxury merchandise and high-speed gadgets, wait for a sale, and be sure to keep your receipts. Buyer's remorse is common during Dragon years.

People in sales, management, advertising and journalism will do well this year. Any profession that involves commanding the public's attention or leading a group is favored during a Dragon year. Visionaries like architects, artists and producers will fare well, too. Dragons love exploring new territory! Finally, civic-minded prime ministers and presidents will achieve marked success throughout 2012.