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The Dog's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The sensitive Dog will have its nerves jangled throughout the rambunctious Year of the Water Dragon. This diligent sign needs to accept the fact that 2012 will be a year of terrific highs and dramatic lows. At times, the Dog will have to switch gears quite suddenly. Becoming more flexible will be one of the most valuable gifts the Dragon year will give this sign.

Dogs must learn to be more diplomatic during 2012. Dragon years prompt people to take risks and venture out of their comfort zones. This trend will feel threatening to the cautious Dog. Instead of warning friends and family to stay the course, the Dog should remain quietly supportive. Yes, some disasters will ensue, but many successes will occur, too. Smart members of this sign will get into the spirit of the Year of the Water Dragon and throw a couple of social gatherings. Opening their home to friends, family and colleagues will be a great way for the Dog to channel this year's festive energy.

Dragon years can be draining for the Dog. Therefore, this sign needs to be proactive about maintaining good health. It's especially important for Dogs to get enough sleep. Creating a relaxing bedtime ritual will ward off insomnia and pave the way for deep, rejuvenating sleep. 2012 will be a busy one for this highly responsible sign. Instead of trying to accommodate everybody else, however, the Dog must realize that its first responsibility is to itself. The Water Dragon does not reward martyrs.