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The Dog's Love Horoscope for 2012

Single Dogs need to be selective in love throughout 2012. The dramatic Dragon tends to throw a lot of whack jobs in this sign's path. Such partners are highly unsuited to the sensible Dog. Smart members of this sign will be content to go solo until they meet a generous Tiger or agreeable Horse. If such a lover doesn't appear during the year of the Water Dragon, the Dog need not worry. 2013 will present far better romantic opportunities.

Many Dogs that are in committed relationships will have difficulty with their partners this year. The Water Dragon causes tempers to flare quite easily. Taking separate vacations and spending more time apart can be beneficial for Dogs throughout 2012, if only to gain a greater sense of self. By using the invigorating energy of the Dragon year to bolster their confidence, Dogs will become better romantic partners. Codependence cannot flourish during Dragon years.