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The Dog's Money Horoscope for 2012

Dogs need to be budget-conscious during Dragon years. Unexpected expenses will crop up like weeds. Having a little money in savings is strongly advised to cover auto and home repairs. As soon as this emergency fund is depleted, Dogs should work to replenish it, just to stay ahead of bill collectors. Legal disputes prove costly for Dogs during the Year of the Water Dragon. If any erupt, this sign would be wise to settle out of court, as quickly and discretely as possible.

Employed Dogs should keep their noses to the grindstone throughout 2012. It's not wise to change jobs during an unpredictable Dragon year. Dogs that are seeking work could find a job this summer. Positions related to graphic design, landscape architecture, or real estate development are favored, because such work draws on the Dog's ability to make order out of the Water Dragon year's chaotic energy.