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The Dragon's Money Horoscope for 2012

Although most Dragons will not win the lottery this year, they will enjoy steady, fulfilling work. The pace will be brisk and money will be regular, which is a real coup in this economy. Water Dragon years have a tendency to make natives overconfident, especially when it comes to gambling. Instead of playing games of chance, members of this sign would be wise to put their earnings into long-term savings accounts, where they will grow and multiply over time.

Dragons who do make a little extra money this year should take this opportunity to pay off debts. 2012 could be the year where the Dragon's dream of financial independence is finally achieved. Unemployed Dragons can find work, provided they are flexible about what sorts of jobs they are willing to take. Entering an unfamiliar field could be wonderfully enriching. After all, Water Dragon years are famous for bringing surprises!