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The Goat's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The distinctive Goat will fare well in the Year of the Water Dragon. 2012 will pose many wonderful opportunities for this sign to showcase their creative talents. Water Dragon years reward those who take risks, so this would be an ideal year for the Goat to expand their artistic horizons, trying new mediums and experimenting with unusual techniques. Members of this sign that are stuck in routine jobs should take this opportunity to venture into a more creative field.

The Goat is a humble sign, which doesn't sit well with the flamboyant Dragon. Therefore, this sign should try to promote their abilities a bit more. It's highly possible that a teacher, mentor or guru will step forward to champion the Goat's talent. Under the tutelage of this respected expert, the Goat could finally come into their own. Once this sign attains some spectacular success this year, its natural cynicism will be replaced by the Dragon's joyous, exuberant outlook.

In general, the Year of the Water Dragon will promote good health for the Goat. However, this sign's digestive system could be a bit delicate. A diet filled with leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains will keep the sedentary Goat in good shape. Members of this sign that are struggling with weight issues have a welcome opportunity to attain sleek physiques. Dragon years are famous for their transformative powers.