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The Horse's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The Horse is in for a fun-filled year, courtesy of the dramatic Water Dragon. This sign hates boring routines, and 2012 will be anything but dull. Career opportunities, financial speculations, romantic encounters, family upheavals … these are just some of the things that will characterize the year ahead for wild Horses. Although most signs find the Dragon year extremely volatile, the Horse views it as merely stimulating.

The Water Dragon showcases the Horse's optimism, enthusiasm and independence. Many members of this sign will receive favorable publicity, either for their fabulous talent or inspiring philanthropy. 2012 will place an important emphasis on small details. The Horse should be extra careful to check and double-check their work and appearance. That's because Dragon years can make people overconfident, causing them to overlook embarrassing mistakes. That would be a real disaster for the Horse, as this sign is destined to be in the spotlight for most of the year.

Tempers will run high throughout the Year of the Water Dragon. This will make the impulsive Horse vulnerable to health problems. Road rage, fistfights and sports injuries will be a problem unless this sign learns to manage their anger. It's also important for this sign to practice dental hygiene throughout 2012. Every member of this sign should schedule a thorough cleaning, one at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and another at its close, for optimal health.