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The Monkey's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The curious Monkey will get lots of intellectual stimulation during the Year of the Water Dragon. Dragons reward those who exhibit a pioneer spirit. By striving for greater mastery of their favorite subject in 2012, the intrepid Monkey will shine. Although opportunities for personal advancement will abound this year, this sign should also engage in charitable activities. Water Dragon years punish selfishness and reward philanthropy, so the altruistic Monkey should follow its heart.

Road rage can be a problem for restless Monkeys in 2012. Water Dragon years prompt people to take stupid risks, which can enrage this sign. Monkeys will need to drive defensively and control their tempers to avoid accidents. Smart Monkeys will equip their cars with soothing music and entertaining audio books, which can keep their tempers under control during long commutes and annoying traffic jams.

The Year of the Water Dragon is lively, which perfectly suits the sociable Monkey. This sign should throw at least one festive party in 2012, if not two or three! Celebrating the good times with friends will keep the vivacious Monkey's spirits high all year. In between parties, this sign will take at least one fabulous trip, as Dragon years usually mean adventure for the Monkey.

Rumors will run rampant this year, as Dragons are prone to exaggeration. Therefore, Monkeys should take care not to repeat gossip, especially if they want to keep their numerous friendships intact.