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The Ox's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The Dragon year's frenetic pace will irritate the placid Ox. 2012 is bound to have dramatic ups and downs for this sign, but that may be a blessing in disguise. The Water Dragon can bring beautiful gifts that the Ox wasn't even aware it wanted. An appreciative authority figure could enter the scene this year. If the Ox yields the spotlight to this flamboyant leader and works diligently, rewards will appear in 2013. That may seem like a long way away, but Dragon years are about planting seeds, rather than harvesting crops, for Oxen.

The rambunctious Dragon year has something precious to bring to the Ox, and that's improved health. 2012 will be an energetic year, prompting everyone to move a little bit faster. Smart Oxen will channel this dynamism into a brisk exercise routine. Weight gain could be a problem for members of this sign that fail to heed the Water Dragon's call for increased action.

The Ox will be fairly busy this spring, doing work and running errands. Things will slow down dramatically this summer, giving Oxen the opportunity to rest and relax. At times, this slowed pace will worry this hard-working sign, but it's important to not get drawn into the Water Dragon's propensity to make mountains out of molehills. Work will be easier to find in the autumn of 2012, so until then, the Ox would be wise to take a relaxing vacation in June, July or August.