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The Ox's Love Horoscope for 2012

As far as the Ox is concerned, this year is best for strengthening committed relationships. The summer will be an especially romantic time. Water Dragon years favor glamour and flamboyance, so heading for a glittering metropolis is advised. As a general rule, Oxen prefer quiet, rustic surroundings, but 2012 will provide a refreshing change of pace.

Single Oxen will have to take a more aggressive approach to love than usual. Romantic rivals abound during Dragon years, so the Ox needs to be a lot more direct about their intentions. Simply sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be noticed, will not be an option, even for this ultra sexy sign. Of course, the Ox is a notoriously stubborn sign, and may refuse to play the hunter. That's perfectly fine -- 2012 will be jam-packed with parties and social pursuits, ensuring this sign will never be lonely.