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The Pig's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The dynamic year of the Water Dragon will prove stimulating for the sociable Pig. There will be plenty of parties and professional gatherings to attend, allowing this fashionable sign to dress up and show off. At least one celebration will be held in the Pig's honor, as a result of a promotion or award. Several Pigs will get engaged or married in 2012, prompting friends and family to toast their good fortune.

The only thing to mar the Pig's pleasure during a Water Dragon Year is guilt. Many other signs will struggle with this year's erratic energy. While the Pig is basking in good fortune, others will be working to make ends meet. Consequently, the Pig will learn who their true friends really are. Those who are able to celebrate this sign's luck will receive of all sorts of financial, emotional, and practical support. Those who radiate resentment will fall by the wayside. Dragon years have a way of revealing people's true colors.

Dragon years tend to make people careless, which can be a problem for the Pig. This sign should take extra care with their possessions, especially expensive electronics like smart phones, MP3 players, and laptops. Unfortunate spills or unattended bags will result in destruction or theft. That said, the Year of the Water Dragon can teach the materialistic Pig a lesson about what is truly valuable. Gadgets can be replaced, but relationships cannot. 2012 is the year that smart Pigs will discover that friends are their most precious possessions.