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The Rabbit's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

At first, the rambunctious Dragon year can feel quite intimidating to the timid Rabbit. Eventually, though, this adaptable sign will come to enjoy all the drama and excitement that 2012 affords. Water Dragon years are famous for parties, and this sociable sign will enjoy dressing up, going out and meeting new people.

Dragon years are forgiving ones, so the next twelve months are ideal for the Rabbit to correct any past mistakes. If a work relationship has been strained, this intuitive sign will know just what to say and do to rectify the situation. 2012 invites the Rabbit to make a fresh start, especially with regard to career matters. There's never been a better year for this versatile sign to switch careers or jobs.

Family relationships could be difficult this year, thanks to a flamboyant relative who is always trying to command the spotlight. While it isn't easy for the retiring Rabbit to assert their rights, the Water Dragon year will force this sign to fight at least one bully on the home front. Learning how to defend their interests will be one of the best gifts this year has to bring Rabbits.

2012 promises to be a busy year for every sign. Rabbits in particular must be mindful of protecting their health. Exhaustion can be a problem during frenetic Dragon years. Getting enough sleep, regular exercise and eating well are essential for delicate Rabbits, who need to stay calm in the face of all this year's drama.