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The Rat's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

Dragon years are full of fun, pomp and ceremony. That suits the sociable Rat, who always looks for a reason to relax with friends. There will be plenty of opportunities for Rats to meet new people throughout 2012, which is welcome news for this sign. Rats love to network, because their personal contacts never fail to bring them luck. It would be a good idea for the Rat to upgrade their smartphone and have some extra business cards printed, as this sign is always in great demand during a Dragon year.

The Rat is highly adaptable and will be able to meet the challenges of a dynamic Dragon year with relative ease. Rats love to stay busy, because activity sharpens their intellect. When a fresh opportunity arises -- which will happen often throughout 2012 -- the Rat will detect it and quickly jump on board. Progress won't be spectacular, but Rats will fare better than most other signs this year, thanks to their ability to detect fleeting opportunities.

The Water Dragon year is an opportune time for the Rat to take classes, acquire skills and get in shape. As far as their health is concerned, the Rat needs to pay special attention to the heart and kidneys. Brisk aerobic exercise will improve the circulation, while drinking lots of water will flush out toxins.