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The Rat's Love Horoscope for 2012

Single Rats are slated for romantic luck during Water Dragon years. 2012 is wonderful time to meet a soul mate or get married. Opportunities for new relationships will crop up at every turn. Dragon years showcase the Rat's natural charm, sharp intellect, and profound sensitivity. This sign is sure to have their pick of several admirers throughout this dynamic year. A flamboyant, optimistic love interest is the best choice for a partner of the humble Rat. These two personalities will nicely balance each other.

Having a secure home life is very important for domestic Rats. Often, this prompts this industrious sign to work hard to make a comfortable home for their nearest and dearest. This year, though, Rats that are in committed relationships would be wise to scale back work responsibilities. By devoting more time and energy to their partners, Rats will form stronger and deeper attachments on the romantic front.