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The Rat's Money Horoscope for 2012

The initial stages of the year will be challenging, when a deal that is too good to be true will pose a strong temptation for the ambitious Rat. By steering clear of a slick-talking headhunter or salesperson, the Rat will find better opportunities in the spring. Launching a business, product or service will yield significant fruit for the Rat during this Water Dragon year.

Unemployed Rats should use their personal contacts to find work. Who Rats know will be more important than what they know throughout 2012. Career opportunities will arrive quite suddenly. The Rat will have to work hard to gain distinction this year, but their diligence will pay off. Dragon years afford opportunities for Rats to build foundations for long-term security.

Get-rich-quick schemes will crop up throughout 2012, but it's better for the Rat to make conservative investments. Rats would be wise to add money to their retirement funds during this Water Dragon year.