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The Rooster's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

The festive Year of the Water Dragon will be lots of fun for the energetic Rooster. The Rooster is always looking for a new adventure, and 2012 will provide plenty. A new job, passionate romance or burgeoning interest will provide this sign with the stimulation it craves. Radical change is favored during Dragon years, so the Rooster will be able to venture off the beaten path without fear of reprisal.

The Rooster is often victim to anger and depression. Instead of continuing to bury feelings of rage, this sign should find an outlet for their emotions. The Year of the Water Dragon poses a welcome opportunity for Roosters to heal emotional scars and break abusive cycles. Members of this sign that continue to follow old patterns could finally hit rock bottom. At this stage, the help of a counselor or medical professional will be critical. Fortunately, most Roosters will voluntarily change their ways and move toward happier, healthier futures.

Dragon years are sociable ones, and most signs will have trouble keeping up with all the parties, appointments and gatherings that will crowd the calendar in 2012. The Rooster will be the exception to this rule, using its organizational skills to move from one meeting to another with relative ease. Hardworking Roosters will pick up plenty of freelance work and new clients while they make the rounds at parties this year. Carrying around a hefty supply of business cards is strongly advised.