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The Rooster's Love Horoscope for 2012

Roosters that are in committed relationships will experience some turbulence throughout the dramatic Dragon year. Smart members of this sign will take this opportunity to resolve any serious conflicts with their partners. Water Dragon years are transformative times, and can even make the stubborn Rooster more flexible. Members of this sign that are able to yield some control to their mates will reap significant rewards this year.

The Year of the Water Dragon will be an exciting one for single Roosters. Although this sign will have several false romantic starts, many members of this sign will settle into committed relationships by summer. The Rooster should be warned about the Dragon's impulsive energy, though. Instead of jumping the gun and getting married this year, this sign should wait until 2013 before taking vows. When it comes to love in a Water Dragon year, slow and steady wins the race.