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The Rooster's Money Horoscope for 2012

Roosters that do not hold fulfilling jobs should switch careers in 2012. The Year of the Water Dragon is a time to follow one's heart. There will be a good market for the Rooster's leadership skills. Opportunities related to sales, management and politics are highly favored for this sign. Intellectual fields like writing, research, and teaching are also promising for Roosters, who like to share their expertise.

As far as moneymaking opportunities are concerned, conservative investments are favored this summer. Putting money into a long-term savings, college or retirement account is highly favored during the Year of the Water Dragon, whose wild energy needs to be tamed by the Rooster's controlled temperament. Members of this sign that want to start their own business should do so before autumn, and offer a line of specialized merchandise that can be expanded slowly over time. Dragon years can provide strategic-minded Roosters with long-term financial security.