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The Snake's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

Exciting changes are on the way for the Snake this year, courtesy of the wild Water Dragon. This sensuous sign will have plenty of opportunities to bask in the spotlight, attracting admirers from every corner. Whether the Snake is showing off its creative abilities or making a splash at a party, 2012 will prove one of the luckiest years in recent memory.

In keeping with the Dragon's unpredictable energy, opportunity will knock quite suddenly this year. Although the deliberative Snake likes to take its time with decisions, that simply won't be an option throughout 2012. The Water Dragon will force this sign to become more intuitive about its choices, and that's a good thing. Instead of agonizing over job offers and romantic opportunities, the Snake must strike with focus and precision.

Digestive problems could be an issue for the Snake in 2012. Avoiding rich food, excessive alcohol, and second desserts is essential for members of this sign who want to take full advantage of the Water Dragon year's flamboyant energy. Instead of staying home nursing a hangover, the Snake could be making a great impression on an executive at a swanky party. Vibrant health depends on wise choices during the Year of the Dragon.

Charitable endeavors will take a greater role in the Snake's life this year. Unemployed members of this sign should volunteer for an organization devoted to their favorite cause. This is the very best way to land a paying position in 2012. Water Dragon years reward selflessness, which is good news for the generous Snake.