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The Tiger's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

Change is on the way for the tempestuous Tiger. Water Dragon years require everybody to take a healthy dose of humility, which isn't easy for this proud sign. Nevertheless, all Tigers are destined to have their egos deflated a bit, which is actually a blessing in disguise. The sooner Tigers learn to play the hand they are dealt in 2012, the happier they will be. Tempers will run high, especially at work. And in this lean economy, it is best to adopt a cooperative attitude, rather than force the powers-that-be to choose between an argumentative and agreeable worker.

Dragon years are exciting ones for Tigers, because this sign loves to live on the edge. 2012 will offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy extreme sports, exotic travel and intense love affairs. Still, it's important for the Tiger to take safety measures whenever possible, or they may end up in the emergency room. The Water Dragon can tempt Tigers into taking crazy chances. It's important to resist these temptations, at least for the sake of the Tiger's nearest and dearest. The simple act of wearing a helmet when biking can make all the difference between a fun and disastrous 2012.

As far as family is concerned, elders often play a big part in the Tiger's life during a Dragon year. Devoting more time and attention to a parent could be in the cards. Tigers with contentious family relationships will finally have a chance to leave the past behind and move toward a happier, healthier future.