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The Tiger's Money Horoscope for 2012

For most signs, Water Dragon years are ideal for taking financial risks. The impulsive Tiger is the exception to this rule. Dragons make Tigers overly confident, causing them to play fast and loose with money. If this rebellious sign is intent on taking a gamble, springtime is best for launching a business venture. Water Dragon years favor new endeavors, and the Tiger may fare well, provided they join forces with a business partner. Being accountable to an associate will prevent the Tiger from taking wild, unnecessary risks that could lead to terrible losses.

Autumn 2012 is the best time for unemployed Tigers to find work. Dragon years are extremely socially dynamic, which will enable this sign to make all sorts of valuable contacts at parties, picnics and group outings. The Tiger's best bet for finding work in 2012 is through personal connections. Tigers in creative fields like writing, music, film and art should fare quite well this year.