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The Dog's Chinese Horoscope for 2014

Break free from the pack
Stephanie Dempsey

Self-doubt could be a problem for the Dog in the Year of the Wood Horse. Horse Years urge people to venture out of their comfort zones. Dogs prefer familiar surroundings and reassuring routines. Unless this sign makes a conscious effort to try new things, 2014 could present difficulties. This year, even small changes like taking different routes to work or experimenting with various forms of exercise can pay off handsomely for the Dog.

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The Wood Element rules this year, which adds further complications to the Dog's life. Wood Years place great emphasis on social networking. Dogs prefer sticking to their pack. If this sign continues its clannish ways, it could miss some golden opportunities. Therefore, the introverted Dog needs to make an extra effort to attend parties, join clubs and introduce themselves to newcomers throughout 2014.

As far as health is concerned, the Dog should resist pushing themselves too hard during the Year of the Wood Horse. Learning to delegate tasks will help this sign maintain good health in 2014. Instead of doing the work of three people, the diligent Dog should pressure roommates, relatives and colleagues to do their fair share.

Horse Years favor those who are dynamic, forthright and strong-minded. It can be difficult for the modest Dog to summon these qualities. As a result, self-doubt could be a problem for this sign in 2014. Instead of listening to self-defeating thoughts, the Dog would be wise to recite affirmations each morning. It will feel a little corny at first, but the results will be impressive.

The Dog's 2014 love horoscope

Dogs in serious relationships may serve as the sole bread winner in 2014. That's because Horse Years place added burdens in Dogs. Fortunately, this sign loves making sacrifices for their romantic partners. Therefore, the opportunity to work while their beloved rests, recuperates from illness or takes time off for school will fill the Dog with contentment. This sign should be wary of innocent flirtations, which have a way of spiraling out of control in Horse Years.

Single Dogs will attract admirers in droves this year. The Year of the Wood Horse will showcase the Dog's best qualities: Honesty, bravery and loyalty. This sign will have a wide array of admirers. Ultimately, it will be best for the Dog to choose a partner who is warm, grounded and nurturing. Ambitious executives will just leave this sign cold. The Year of the Wood Horse isn't the best year for the Dog to marry, but it's a great time to date.

The Dog's 2014 money horoscope

Employed Dogs can receive exciting job offers. Many members of this sign will decide whether to stay with their present employer or move on to greener pastures. Moving to a new company is probably the preferred move in the Year of the Wood Horse, which rewards changes. However, loyal Dogs who decide to stay put should insist on getting paid more. Horse Years place a great emphasis on fairness. It's critical for hard-working Dogs to get paid what they are worth.

Unemployed Dogs could find work by reaching out to former colleagues. Getting job leads and recommendation letters should be easy for this hard-working sign. Anyone who has ever worked with a Dog has first-hand knowledge of their ethics, loyalty and industry. Horse Years bring upward movement for the Dog, so this creature would be wise to apply for jobs that will bring more pay and greater prestige.