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The Ox's Chinese Horoscope for 2014

Strut your stuff
Stephanie Dempsey

The hard-working Ox won't be daunted by all the challenges this Year of the Wood Horse brings. The busier this sign is, the happier they are. That's why 2014 should be a time of fulfillment for the diligent Ox. Rewards won't be immediate, and at times it will feel as though louder, pushier rivals will pull ahead of this sign. When this happens, the Ox needs to draw attention to their talents. Humility isn't a strong suit during a Horse Year. Those who want to get ahead will have to showcase their abilities.

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Because this year is ruled by the Wood Element, the steadfast Ox may feel pressured to operate faster than usual. Instead of carrying out familiar routines each day, it would be wise for this sign to set new goals each day. This will help the Ox take advantage of all the spontaneous energy 2014 can bring. Playing games of skill like chess, poker, tennis and basketball can make this sign more decisive and productive.

Horse Years tend to reward those who are honest, which is good news for the forthright Ox. Opportunities that are lost to flashier rivals at the beginning of the year may reappear later. That's because the Year of the Horse rewards those who honor their word. As far as health is concerned, the Ox can be prone to accidents during the Year of the Horse. Wearing safety equipment is critical for this sign. It's also important for the Ox to obey the speed limit and avoid road rage while driving.

The Ox's 2014 love horoscope

As far as romance is concerned, the Ox may feel pressured to step up their game in 2014. The Horse Year is a time of spontaneity, adventure and excitement. Going to the same old restaurants and vacation destinations simply won't cut it. Oxen in committed relationships shouldn't wait for special days to give gifts, love letters and compliments. Instead, they should honor their partners at perfectly ordinary times.

The Wood Horse rewards those who operate on the spur-of-the-moment, so the Ox would be wise to mix things up with their romantic partner. Single Oxen need to be discerning about love this year. The Year of the Wood Horse could throw many romantic opportunities their way. In the end, it will be best for the Ox to devote themselves to someone who shares their strong principles. Joining a book club, debate society or advanced class could put this sign in the path of love during 2014.

The Ox's 2014 money horoscope

The best way for the Ox to make a profit in the Year of the Wood Horse is to buy real estate. Members of this sign who already own a home should invest money in improvement projects. Adding a kitchen, bathroom or extra bedroom can dramatically increase the value of an existing property. It may be necessary for this sign to lend financial assistance to a family member in 2014. Fortunately, the Wood element rewards those who are compassionate and generous.

During the Year of the Horse, the Ox needs to set strict boundaries at work. This sign's reputation for diligence could prompt authority figures to pile on assignments. Unless the Ox speaks up, they could suffer from an unwieldy work load. The best way for unemployed Oxen to find jobs is through networking. Friends, relatives and neighbors can prove invaluable in finding work for this sign in 2014. During a Horse Year, who an Ox knows is more important than what it knows.