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The Rat's Chinese Horoscope for 2014

Golden opportunities
Stephanie Dempsey

The calculating Rat may have difficulty during the spontaneous Year of the Wood Horse. Making split-decisions is counterintuitive to this creature. Unfortunately, there won't be time to contemplate which paths have the most promise in 2014. Unless the Rat moves quickly, golden opportunities could vanish into thin air. Becoming more decisive could be this sign's greatest challenge this year.

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Because 2014 is ruled by the Wood Element, the compassionate Rat will catch a few breaks. Expressions of kindness, charity and forbearance could result in financial and romantic opportunities. The Wood Element places great importance on kindness, which is a quality the Rat possesses in spades. By expressing this side of their nature, this sign should reap unexpected rewards during the Year of the Wood Horse.

Rats should work to conserve their energy this year. 2014 will provide constant stimulation, which can create nervous tension. Carving out a set time each day to rest, relax and reflect will be beneficial for these creatures. Rats who refuse to take breaks could suffer from insomnia and burnout. Exhaustion can be a real problem for this sign during the Year of the Horse.

The Year of the Wood Horse can teach the Rat a valuable life lesson. Instead of worrying about what others think of their appearance, how much money is in their bank account or what tomorrow will bring, this sign should choose to live in the moment. Learning not to sweat the small stuff can be the greatest gift 2014 brings to the conscientious Rat.

The Rat's 2014 love horoscope

Romantic opportunities won't be spectacular for the Rat this year, but they will exist. The best chance for single Rats to find love is while traveling. Instead of taking a vacation to an old, familiar haunt, this sign should explore a country or city they've never seen before. The Year of the Wood Horse rewards those who venture out of their comfort zones. Any Rat who is seeking love should journey to a distant land that has always captivated their imagination.

For Rats who are in a committed relationship, this is not the time to get complacent. Experimenting with new lovemaking techniques can add keep love alive during the restless Horse Year. Any Rat who takes their partner for granted in 2014 will be committing a grave error. The Wood Horse Year prompts dissatisfied lovers to find greener pastures. Forewarned is forearmed. A romantic vacation is strongly advised for any Rat who wants to strengthen their love life.

The Rat's 2014 money horoscope

The Rat will be invited to take more financial chances throughout 2014. Playing it safe is rarely profitable during Wood Horse Years. This would be a good time for the Rat to take a few gambles with their investment portfolio. Rats who are unhappy with their current line of work should consider moving into a more challenging field, even at the risk of taking a pay cut in the short-term future.

Rats that are currently employed will have to ramp up their productivity. Horse Years are famous for ramping up business. It may be necessary for this sign to spend more time at the office to keep the competition at bay. To ensure job security, the Rat should focus on attracting untapped customer bases. The old formula simply won't cut it during the year of the Wood Horse. It's time for this sign to look toward the future and adjust its wares accordingly.