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The Tiger's Chinese Horoscope for 2014

Get ready to pounce
Stephanie Dempsey

The Year of the Wood Horse affords the Tiger romance, adventure and competition. What could be better suited to this feisty sign? The Tiger should be ready to pounce on opportunities the moment they arrive, because patience is not a virtue this year. Courage trumps strategy during Horse Years. Fortunately, the Tiger is one of the bravest signs in the Chinese zodiac, so tremendous success can be attained in 2014.

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This year is ruled by the Wood element, which is tremendously lucky for the Tiger. This sign's natural leadership ability will be enhanced throughout 2014. Many Tigers will get promotions, high-profile jobs or powerful offices during the Year of the Wood Horse. That's fantastic news, as Tigers are bold, capable executives. When demands become too great on this sign, retreating from public view can be therapeutic.

Avoiding social media networks can also replenish the Tiger's energy in a Wood year.
Jealousy could be a problem for Tigers this year. The Year of the Wood Horse brings rivals out of the woodwork. People who feel they can't compete with the Tiger's star power may resort to underhanded methods to outperform them. Consequently, the Tiger should take great care to protect its privacy and valuables throughout 2014.

As far as health is concerned, the Tiger will be bursting with energy. This sign should take a few moments to warm up before engaging in vigorous exercise. Strains and sprains can be a real problem for Tigers during an overzealous Wood Horse year. Outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking and nature walks can promote radiant health for this rambunctious sign.

The Tiger's 2014 love horoscope

Tigers in committed relationships could face some romantic rivals in 2014. The Year of the Wood Horse will not rest on its laurels. Any Tiger who wants to keep the love alive will need to wine and dine their partner. Tender words, loving gestures and small gifts can keep the passion alive. The Tiger should take note of the ways in which their partner experiences affection and tailor their approach accordingly.

Single Tigers can find love while playing games of skill. This sign may attract love while on the playing field, at the card table or in a trivia competition. Working at charitable organizations can also put the Tiger on the path to romance. Intimate candlelit dinners and leisurely walks are good ways for the Tiger to get to know prospective partners. When it comes to love during a Horse Year, slow and steady wins the race for this sign.

The Tiger's 2014 money horoscope

The Year of the Wood Horse should bring in good money for the Tiger, provided this sign works hard. Competition may be fierce this year, which should whet the ambitious Tiger's appetite for success. Jobs, raises and bonuses won't be handed out arbitrarily in 2014. They will be granted to the most capable members of the team. Therefore, it would be wise for the Tiger to assert its leadership qualities as a means to get ahead.

Many Tigers will have the opportunity to launch their own businesses this year. Because 2014 is ruled by the pioneering Wood Element, it may be easier than usual to get the venture capital for a store, company or service. Horse Years reward free spirits, which is good news for the independent Tiger. Members of this sign that are seeking jobs should update their résumés, improve their interviewing skills and compile impressive work samples. Sheer talent is the key to landing jobs for Tigers this year.