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2016 Year of the Monkey Love Horoscopes

Adventure and play rule in this year of fun love!
Stephanie Dempsey

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey brings different gifts of love to each Chinese sign. Read your horoscope here to see what your sign can expect in 2016!

Rat Love Horoscope

The instinctive Rat has a marvelous opportunity to secure the affections of someone special this year. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey's passionate energy resonates well with your affectionate nature. Single Rats can find love at museums, concerts, and movie theatres, while those who have partners might feel as though you've embarked on a second honeymoon. Thanks to the inventive spirit of the Monkey Year, it's easy to have sensual desires fulfilled. All Rats should be open to learning new lovemaking techniques now.

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Ox Love Horoscope

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey invites the stubborn Ox to be more flexible in love. Instead of trying to convert your romantic partner, show respect for your mate's beliefs. Working as a team will strengthen romantic ties, since Monkey Years shower rewards on collaborative efforts. Single Oxen have good prospects for finding love this year, especially if you venture out of familiar territory. Travel can also put you on the path to romance in 2016, since this is a year of adventure.

Tiger Love Horoscope

Single Tigers will have great fortune in love, thanks to the outgoing energy associated with Monkey years. You'll have no trouble meeting someone special at a party, sporting event, or family celebration. Although it's not an especially good year for the Tiger to get married, 2016 is a wonderful time to fall in love. If you're already in a committed relationship, resist the temptation to flirt with others. Deferring to a partner can bring welcome balance to established relationships.

Rabbit Love Horoscope

The sensitive Rabbit may feel snubbed in love during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. People have a tendency to move quickly and speak thoughtlessly under this active influence. For Rabbits in committed relationships, this can result in hurt feelings. Developing a more playful attitude toward love can be tremendously helpful for this timid sign. Single Rabbits who want love should be more outgoing. Learning to flirt and be more aggressive in love will be a great use of the Monkey Year's irreverent energy.

Dragon Love Horoscope

The decisive Dragon who wants to find love will surely realize their goal in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Meeting someone special at a party, professional gathering, or book club is a strong possibility for you. Getting engaged or married is also highly favored for Dragons in 2016. Those that are in committed relationships will receive plenty of tender loving care from your partners. It's a great year to conceive or adopt a child for Dragons, too. Monkey years bestow youthful energy on you.

Snake Love Horoscope

Sultry Snakes will be in a hurry to find love in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. The passionate energy of this year may prompt single Snakes to rush into relationships. 2016 isn't a good time for you to get married, as it tends to trigger hasty decisions. Focus on having fun instead. Snakes that are in committed relationships may be tempted to stray from their partners. Spending more quality time together and being more attentive to each other's needs is critical in restless Monkey years.

Horse Love Horoscope

Love won't come automatically to the easygoing Horse in 2016. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey demands that you go out and seek romance. Making an intellectual connection with a love interest is essential. Monkey years place great emphasis on intelligence, so hold out for a partner that is both smart and good-looking. If you're in committed relationship, make more of an effort to wine and dine your partner. Taking a mate for granted will be disastrous in a restless Monkey year.

Sheep Love Horoscope

The pessimistic Sheep has reason to look on the bright side during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Love will flow easily to single Sheep. The best way for to meet someone special this year is through online dating and social networking. But if you're in a committed partnership, avoid dwelling on the past. Monkey years reward those who live in the moment. Taking a romantic vacation can strengthen a relationship that has grown predictable. Vow to fall in love all over again.

Monkey Love Horoscope

The enthusiastic Monkey should have no trouble finding love in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Fueled by the passionate energy of 2016, single Monkeys will be even more determined to win hearts this year. Cultural events can put you on the path of love; an attractive mate can be found while attending a movie, concert, or gallery opening. Monkeys that are in committed partnerships should make exciting plans with your mate. The optimistic energy of 2016 will help you recommit to a lifetime of love.

Rooster Love Horoscope

Finding love during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey will be challenging for the critical Rooster. The playful energy of 2016 can make you impatient. Instead of flirting and having fun, you may insist on doing background checks on prospective partners. But you'd be better served by letting down your defenses, keeping an open mind, and taking a more experimental approach to dating. Roosters in serious relationships will have a renewed appreciation for your partners. The unpredictability of Monkey years can strengthen romantic bonds.

Dog Love Horoscope

Love will flow easily to the Dog in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Your placid energy will prove remarkably attractive to those seeking love -- Dogs may not have to lift a paw to draw admirers. The unpredictable energy of Monkey years can cause single Dogs to find love with their polar opposites -- an odd couple coming together in 2016 can find long-term happiness. Dogs that are in committed relationships should allow your partners to pamper and spoil you. Monkey years introduce a welcome sense of play to the sign of the Dog.

Pig Love Horoscope

The gallant Pig will be successful in love during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Monkey years heighten sensual desires, so it will be easy for you to find a partner who can satisfy your physical needs. Meeting someone special on an overseas trip is a strong possibility, thanks to the adventurous nature of Monkey years. Pigs in committed partnerships should be more attentive to your mates. Tender loving care will be returned in full measure during this highly expressive year.

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