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December 2012 Horoscope

Shiny, happy people

The enthusiasm supplied by the Sun in Sagittarius is amplified during the first half of December. In addition to the hopeful, optimistic and visionary perspective of this solar transit, two other planets join the happy party to bring light during this darkening part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Chatty Mercury returns to the outspoken sign of the Archer on December 10 to encourage big ideas and unfiltered opinions. Exciting concepts that were slowed down when the messenger planet turned retrograde on November 6 may finally start gaining some forward momentum.

Imagination is a plus, but getting lost in fantasyland is a negative when Mercury forms a stressful square with dreamy Neptune on December 11. Careful thinking helps to avoid making foolish mistakes. Bright ideas abound when ingenious Uranus begins direct movement on December 13, followed by its favorable trine with Mercury the next day. The spirit of adventure is also boosted by the Sagittarius New Moon on December 13. A desire to aim higher in life may be expressed with an itch for travel, additional education or further explorations in the meaning of existence.

Amorous Venus continues in Mercury's mental path by entering fiery Sagittarius on December 15 and squaring nebulous Neptune on December 16. Restlessness in relationships can lead to wandering eyes and greater freedom needs. Irresponsible behavior is possible, but truth -- especially about our own desires -- engenders trust. Order begins to reassert itself with the Sun's entry into practical Capricorn on December 21. This is the solstice sign that marks a major turning point of the year. The discipline, planning and commitment associated with it, however, may be hard to come by until the end of the month.

Pleasurable Venus' opposition to expansive Jupiter on December 22 increases appetites for love and luxury. Spending too much and over-estimating others are its downsides, but broadening tastes and social circles are potential benefits. Energetic Mars' move into experimental Aquarius on December 25 and the Sun's square with rebellious Uranus the same day makes for an unconventional holiday. Breaking with tradition is one way to experience these forward leaning forces. A lack of cooperation and unwillingness to play by the rules, however, could provoke conflict.

The stronger forces of self-control and discipline start to roll in with a long-lasting sextile between responsible Saturn and repressive Pluto on December 26. This aspect represents the powerful glue that holds together families and organizations during stressful times. Emotions are intense with the sensitive Cancer Full Moon on December 28. Favorable lunar connections with Saturn and Pluto add stability, but a simultaneous square with explosive Uranus represents rapidly changing moods and circumstances.

The Sun's conjunction with Saturn and its supportive 60-degree sextile with Pluto on December 30 batten down the hatches with seriousness and a strong sense of purpose. Brainy Mercury's move into dutiful Capricorn on December 31 meets the turn of the year with clearer ideas about ambitions and obligations, and a stronger commitment to fulfill them.