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December 2012 Career Horoscope

Making connections

Advancing career interests isn't easy in the holiday season and the winding down of the year. The month starts with the Sun in Sagittarius, a visionary sign that's interested in exploring new ideas and selling them with enthusiasm. The outgoing nature of the Archer increases when communicative Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 10, followed by sociable Venus on December 15.

These transits are more favorable for making connections, brainstorming and partying than attending to details and sticking to routine matters. Restlessness rules, which is great for creativity and conviviality, but not naturally geared to buckling down and taking care of business.

Judgment could be impaired by unrealistic expectations when Mercury crosses paths with dreamy Neptune on December 11, and when Venus does the same on December 16. Double-check data and be extra careful with professional relationships during these delicate days.

There is one productive counterforce in effect this month: Mars, the action planet, is in responsible Capricorn until December 25. This is an ambitious transit that might motivate some people to work harder to achieve their goals. However, there may be a scramble to get to the top that triggers power struggles and earns the enmity of colleagues. Pushing your interests is fine, as long as you don't alienate others as you try to climb the ladder of success.

The Sun's entry into earthy Capricorn on December 21 normally adds some patience and maturity, yet complex solar aspects with independent Uranus on December 25 and provocative Pluto on December 30 could end the year in an explosive manner.