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Aquarius Love Horoscope: December 2012

Hop on the mood swing

You may be inconsistent in your moods and in relationships this month. Sure, there's a personable side, with the Sun in outgoing Sagittarius and your 11th House of Groups until December 21. Mental Mercury and alluring Venus enter this part of your chart on December 10 and 15 to keep your social circle intact and maybe even enlarge it. These can serve some relationship needs by being part of a group or growing closer with someone who shares your community values. Yet your innovative ruling planet Uranus remains in reverse until December 13, perhaps slowing down some of your most creative instincts.

Still, you may find excitement in unfamiliar forms when Venus aligns favorably with Uranus on December 19. This can add some spice to your current partnership or expand your tastes and interests to include different kinds of people and experiences. Venus' opposition to expansive Jupiter on December 22 is another positive indication of adventurous activities and increasing pleasure.

Yet there's a very significant shift starting on December 25 that might give you the drive to act more decisively. Mars, the action planet, enters Aquarius then to provide drive that motivates you to take the initiate in your personal life. You can use this to become more physical or take risks you were reluctant to try before. But assertive Mars in this self-directed part of your chart also means that you may be restless and less willing compromise.

Keeping the peace may lose its relevance as you hunger for the freedom that can sometimes fray the edges of relationships, or give you the courage to tackle new ones.